All You Need To Know About D5teeth One week Zirconia vs. Many Other Teeth in a Day Centers!

This important video exposes the trade secrets many temporary teeth in a day centers use and the deceptive and incorrect terminology they use into making consumers believe they insert permanent teeth the same day of surgery. They Don’t!

It also shows how for many, with D5 digital technology we are able to insert permanent zirconia teeth from the time of surgery to insertion of permanent teeth in one week. We also save many customers up to $20,000 and months of their valuable time.


Say "NO" To Temporary Teeth

1 Week Zirconia Pricing
Ultimate Bridge Pricing


With the D5 Ultra Express All Zirconia Pro, permanent teeth in just 1 week from surgery!

Uses Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia for stunning esthetics and strength.

Each hybrid is custom designed for each patient by highly qualified dental computer designers.

For many just 3 visits over one week from date of surgery, permanent zirconia teeth.


Many Teeth in a Day Centers

Converted denture

Many centers simply pre-make temporary dentures as picture shows. They screw temporary cylinders into implants then drill holes in denture, so denture fits over them.

Acrylic is injected to bond temporary cylinders to temporary denture that is either acrylic, PMMA, or printed. Bottom line, they are all temporary dentures. You wear temporary converted dentures for months before getting zirconia teeth.

Don’t get fooled. These converted dentures are not permanent teeth that meet the legal ADA definition of permanent teeth.

Don’t Get fooled by centers that now convert PMMA dentures or 3-D printed dentures.

They’re Still Dentures & Temporary Teeth

No milled or 3D printed PMMA plastic restoration has United States FDA approval except for use as temporary teeth, none!

Same 25 year-old, denture-based conversion technique. You're still stuck with converted dentures with temporary parts many times for up to one year. Our D5 centers allow for many permanent, zirconia teeth inserted 7 days from surgery.
PMMA Denture

The truth about temporary teeth that are usually inserted on day of surgery or within 18 hours.

Because PMMA has very poor compressive strength (that means it can break easily) and high wear rates (because it is soft), which means the teeth wear away too fast when chewing and other reasons - the FDA has not approved any PMMA used in the U.S. when milled as a restoration for permanent use. Only temporary use is approved, usually no longer than 12 months.

The deception some implant centers are using, is that by screwing in a milled PMMA temporary restoration, because it is not removable it is a permanent restoration. This is the equivalent if you had a temporary crown (PMMA) made until your real zirconia ceramic crown was made. Just because the simple plastic temporary does not fall out, this does not make it a legal permanent crown according to the American Dental Association standards. This is the same as in full arch dentistry.

If these centers are honest, the correct verbiage would be - we insert a temporary or healing prosthesis that patients wear until the implants heal. Usually months later and many visits they then are able to fabricate your final permanent teeth.

Many centers take up to 6-12 months before they are able to fabricate final permanent zirconia teeth.

Remember, for many with the D5 procedure our patients will receive permanent zirconia teeth in just one week from date of surgery.

Telling the truth about what you really do does not sound as sexy as "We insert permanent PMMA teeth in one day." So, maybe that's why they don't tell the truth.


If you go to any center telling you PMMA inserted full arch teeth are permanent as per the FDA 510 clearance, ask them to show you this!

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**Pricing Terms and Conditions: Price quoted is cash fee or use of credit card. We offer many affordable payment plans up to seven years with low interest for patients that are approved.
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Not all hybrids and full mouth restoration procedures work the same way. To help you better understand, let's compare them with the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution.

There are several other offices in the U.S. that advertise true permanent teeth in 24 hours. However, when you call they may tell you they only do full mouth cases. This means you have to do two arches at the same time (Upper and Lower), even if you only need one arch!

With the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution, since it is truly custom designed, we have no problem exactly matching your bite or color of teeth if you only need one arch!

all on four implants


all on four implants


Because our zirconia bridges are custom stained by a highly skilled ceramist, we have no problem matching your real teeth! Don’t let any office convince you that you need two arches even if one arch doesn’t need it! If they tell you they cannot do one arch, they may not be giving you a custom designed restoration. The problem these offices usually have is, they are like a shoe store! They mill out small, medium and large teeth before they even see you. The inside part of the ceramic restoration that should fit exactly to the bar is hollowed out so it will fit to a bar not custom made for your bridge. It is then filled in with denture plastic that is not even the same material. Because the teeth are pre-made like a shoe store and not custom designed it is easier to fit two arches together so the bite is good, however, this technique does not allow for one arch to be made because a designer doesn’t spend hours like we do with the D5 Ultra to exactly digitally match your good arch, that ethically should not be extracted! Each D5 Hybrid is custom designed by highly trained dental computer designers and the most sophisticated software. Also with our custom software it saves you thousands of dollars because we would never ethically consider extracting good teeth and doing an un-needed arch!

Your other option is to go to centers that give you temporary teeth in one day and that usually make you wait months with many visits to get your final teeth and may still use denture teeth instead of a one piece techno-med bridge that is dramatically stronger!

Research is key when considering hybrid bridges

We urge patients considering an implant supported bridge to do their research. You should call multiple offices offering hybrid bridges and ask certain questions.

  • One, when you say teeth in a day are they the permanent teeth or are they only temporary teeth as defined by the American Dental Association?
  • Second if they're only temporary teeth how many visits and how many months will it take to get my permanent teeth at your office as defined by the American Dental Association?
  • Third, what material are they using for the teeth? Are they using denture teeth that don't compare and strength to a one piece Milled bridge? When you use individual denture teeth they have a tendency when eating hard food or the normal compression of chewing to break off.
  • Fourth, what is the fee? Is it all-inclusive, does it include all extractions, all normal bone graphs (except for sinus lifts), all implants, final restoration, five year warranty, all cleanings, all post-ops and normal maintenance for one full year?
  • Last, make sure that you are not getting what is called a "long term provisional", which is just a fancy term usually for an all plastic temporary restoration. This means at some point when the plastic restoration starts breaking down you didn't have to pay extra for your final restoration.
I went in for the procedure and was done in about one hour. I had no pain whatsoever, no discomfort…it was just amazing! I went to work next morning. I wish I had done this a long time ago…Paulina (D5 Ultra Express Patient - all patient's experiences may differ.)

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We are one of the few practices in the United States offering true permanent teeth attached to implants in just 24 hours or one week for zirconia!

(From time of surgery to insertion of permanent restoration.)

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