Save Thousands and get Permanent Teeth Not Temporaries in just 1 week! Offer Expires Dec. 31, 2020
High cost of gas and inflation - D5teeth offers only 3 visits over 1 week for permanent zirconia teeth

Worried about the high cost of gas and inflation?

D5teeth has you covered. At D5teeth centers nationwide, in 3 visits over one week, we offer permanent zirconia teeth vs. up to 20 visits driving to a typical implant center over the course of a year. With our special pricing and digital technology, we consistently save patients $15-30,000. There will never be a better opportunity for permanent, all zirconia teeth than right now!
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Price increasing to $39,500 on Jan 2nd due to inflation.

Grand Opening!

Only implant center in Indianapolis that gives permanent upper & lower zirconia teeth in 1 week!*

(*from date of surgery)
Begin a 7 Day Journey Back To Dental Health
Special D5teeth PricingSpecial D5teeth PricingSpecial D5teeth Pricing
(*Expires March 31, 2023)
  • We're the only center in Indianapolis that delivers permanent custom zirconia teeth in 7 days.
  • Why wait up to 10+ months to get zirconia teeth?
  • Why settle for wearing weak, inexpensive plastic temporaries that are prone to break for 10+ months.
  • We save many patients $15-25k.
  • D5teeth exclusively uses zirconia, dentistry's strongest most durable ceramic.

If you're considering a payment plan watch how D5teeth can save you hundreds every month!

Take your savings and buy a new car!

(Due to rampant inflation, we've had to slightly increase our fee which results in a minimal $8 a month increase.)

The true difference between the D5teeth 7-day, digital approach and the denture based teeth in a day approach!

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D5 patients will be provided with a complimentary consultation. Your doctor will discuss possibilities. Assuming the patient qualifies, D5teeth can provide permanent teeth restorations for many within 7 days from date of surgery. Detailed disclaimer at bottom of page.

Dr. David, founder of D5Teeth explains the 7 day path for many back to ideal health and a beautiful smile.

D5 Ultra Restorative Options
D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution
Hybrid Bridges

D5 Ultra Express
All Zirconia Pro
In 1 Week*
All Zirconia ProSpecial Offer!All Zirconia Pro PricingPrettau® 2 Dispersive®
  • D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution for many in 3 visits over 7 days (from date of surgery)!
  • Many teeth in a day centers take 6 to 10 months and 7 to 12 visits after surgery before patient finally receives zirconia teeth.
  • Zirconia is a metal oxide that, when placed in furnace at extreme temperatures, transforms into a ceramic with extreme compressive strength and durability.
  • We use Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia produced by Zirkonzahn--One of the world’s most expensive zirconia producing stunning, life-like aesthetics*.
  • Because restoration is literally almost a metal it is very break resistent*.
  • Full warranty for 5 years
  • Click for Detailed Information
D5 Ultra Express
Ultimate Bridge
Implant Solution
D5 Ultimate BridgeUltimate Bridge Pricing
  • Our D5 Ultimate Zirconia/Tecno Med bridges feature stunning aesthetics and a custom Tecno Med substructure that mimics natural tissue and bone*.
  • Features custom designed and milled individual crowns that are hand layered and stained that make this one of the most aesthetic hybrids available.
  • Weighs less than all zirconia bridges, more like natural teeth*.
  • For the fees some implant offices are charging for full zirconia restorations, you can have our ultimate restoration with individual crowns and custom Tecno Med substructure that mimics natural tissue and bone. *This restoration is for the discerning patient that demand the very best in all phases of life.
  • Full warranty for 5 years.
  • Click for Detailed Information
*From Zircon Zahn research.
Dr. David, founder of D5teeth explains two D5 restorative options and the difference using D5teeth's exclusive technology and digital systems over the traditional, denture based teeth in a day approach invented 30 years ago. D5teeth allows many patients to receive permanent, zirconia teeth in one week from date of surgery at significant cost savings.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Abukhalaf - D5teeth Implant Center

DDS, Implant Dentistry

After graduating high school in Jerusalem, Dr. Louis moved to Chicago at the age of 17 to embark on his dream of becoming a dentist. After earning his undergraduate degree at Loyola University and meeting his future wife Brittany Lane there, they both continued on to earn Doctorate Degrees in Dentistry from Marquette University in Milwaukee. Despite the rigors of his education, and the challenges of adapting to a new home, Dr. Louis found his dreams realized.

Dr. Louis decided to bring his vision, of creating a dental practice centered on providing patients with a fun, engaging welcoming experience, to Indianapolis. He and his wife enjoy dining, shopping, immersing themselves in the city’s cultural offerings, and engaging with the local community. They also enjoy traveling and spending time with family. Dr. Louis is a car enthusiast who is also passionate about soccer. One may even catch him passionately watching international matches especially ones including Barcelona, his favorite team. Dr. Louis and Brittany call Indianapolis home. They are very proud to serve the people of Indianapolis and cater to all of their dental needs.

Dr. Louis prides himself in always staying abreast of the latest clinical and technical evidence based advancements in dentistry. Dr. Louis regularly attends domestic and international continued dental educational courses to remain knowledgeable and to gain new and current resources to deliver the best treatment for his patients.

Education & Awards

B.S. in Chemistry with Biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Earned the Merit Award for the top senior student

Doctor of Dental Surgery from Marquette University

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Earned the Dental Material Award

Surgical and Prosthetic programs from Misch Implant Institute

A Fellow status of The International Congress of Oral Implantology

D5teeth Express Implant Solution World Class Dental Implant Center

D5teeth Express Implant Solution
State of the Art Dental Implant Center

14560 River Rd., Suite 105
Carmel, IN 46033

D5 Ultra Zirconia
In Just Three Visits
Over 7 Days!

One of the few practices in the U.S. with the experience and technology to deliver permanent zirconia bridges from date of surgery to total completion in one week!
Real stories from real patients talking about how the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution gave them back their smiles and confidence and restored the joy back in their lives.

All Zirconia Difference

Dr. David explains the new All Zirconia D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution where many get permanent teeth in 3 visits over 7 days.
3 visits means from date of surgery to insertion of permanent restoration.

Zirconia Bridges

Typical offices offering
zirconia bridges:

  • First receive temporary restoration on day of surgery, many times a converted denture, either acrylic, PMMA or 3D printed.
  • Many times, you have to wear a temporary for 6-10 months.
  • Temporaries can be bulky and difficult to speak with.
  • Temporary conversions often break during healing unlike zirconia teeth, D5 inserts.
  • Teeth in a day centers can require 7-12 more appointments to finally make zirconia teeth months later.
  • Many teeth in a day centers charge $50,000-$65,000.

D5 Ultra Zirconia Bridges:

In 3 visits from date of surgery over 7 days many patients receive permanent zirconia restorations:

A. First visit surgery
B. Next day 3D printer mock-up of teeth is inserted for your approval. You go home with these teeth. If you want any changes, our designers will do this for you. We then perfect your bite or occlusion with the 3D printed restoration then digitally scan the perfected bite to original design. This means when you come in to have the restoration inserted, it literally needs almost no adjusting. They are inserted in around 15 minutes per restoration and now you have real, permanent zirconia teeth!

We use our secret recipe - Prettau® 2 Dispersive® Zirconia, one of the world’s most expensive zirconia for producing stunning, life-like esthetics.

Incredible Fee - Our fee for fixed, custom ceramic teeth is around what many implant centers are charging for simple plugin, implant dentures. That's what D5 technology allows - affordable, permanent teeth. You don't have to settle for plugin dentures.

See our specials for complete upper and lower teeth. Our patients in many cases save $15-$25,000 over what many teeth in a day implant centers are charging and many visits going to the dentists and months of their time.

Unconditional 5 Year D5teeth Warranty

No Exclusions

At D5 Centers nationwide, we offer an unconditional, five year warranty with no exclusions. None! We literally mean if you fall on your face and the bridge breaks, we will fix it for free. We have no health exclusions, smokers are fine, diabetes is fine, auto-immune patients are fine. We have no deductible or overpriced cleanings that you have to pay for twice a year to get any kind of warranty. Bottom line - If any implants fail or anything breaks within five years, you don't have to pay one penny!


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**Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required in individual cases.
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Attend our LIVE webinar and you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about this advanced digital technology used in our D5teeth restoration procedure.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
6:30pm (EST)

dental implant technology

State of the Art Digital Technology

D5teeth is pleased to be one of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer our patients a custom milled hybrid bridge, for many in just 3 visits over 1 week if you choose our ultimate restoration, the All Zirconia Pro.

(In 1 week we are referring to the date of surgery to insertion of permanent zirconia teeth.)

new smile

Custom Designed Smiles

We know what a beautiful smile can mean in business and social occasions for a patient. It can increase your confidence and make you look younger. We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

new teeth surgery

Permanent Zirconia Teeth
in 1 Week!

While traditional methods can take many months to complete, with D5 for many you come in for surgery the next day for the try-in of your teeth and 5 days later for the insertion of your permanent zirconia restoration.

(In 1 week we are referring to the date of surgery to insertion of permanent zirconia teeth.)

A beautiful, permanent smile in just 3 visits in 1 week!

(Our time-frames refer to surgery to insertion of permanent restoration.)

When it comes to new permanent teeth, there's really only one place to call... D5 Ultra Express

D5teeth has proudly helped thousands of patients achieve smiles that brought new meaning to their lives

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DISCLAIMER: D5 patients will be provided with a complimentary consultation. Your doctor will discuss possibilities. Assuming the patient qualifies D5teeth can provide permanent teeth restorations for many within 7 days of surgery. At the end of 7 days, final permanent teeth are made of durable zirconia approved by the FDA for permanent use and meet ADA coding standards for permanent final teeth. Unlike permanent prosthesis which can only be used temporarily, permanent prosthesis are FDA approved to last for the duration of the patient's life. In order to manufacture permanent zirconia teeth, sophisticated technology is required for the surgery center and laboratory. This technology is expensive to obtain, maintain, and operate. For these reasons, most centers out-source milling and designing permanent teeth, thus requiring much more than a week to produce. We are proud to feature Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia from Zirkonzahn, which according to the manufacturer is the most expensive zirconia produced for full arch dentistry in the world based on their research. When we say most centers charge $15-25k more and do your research, this is based on D5 calling multiple offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia besides many other offices in cities not mentioned. And also based on the number of patients coming to our office for 2nd opinions and showing us their treatment plans. Our research shows the average fee range for complete upper and lower zirconia teeth including sedation, all needed extractions, all bone graphs except sinus lifts, all implants and final restoration is between $48k and $75k.